Eye Checkup

KAMAL EYE CLINIC offers comprehensive eye checkup to assess the health of your eye The routine checkup procedure covers your eyes in detail and documents Visual Acuity, Color Vision, Refraction (Glass Power), IOP and Fundus Examination under dilation

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Cataract & IOL

All kinds of Cataract extraction including those in infants & children, as well as age related with IOL implantation of all types (non foldable, foldable, multi focal, ICL)

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Corneal & Conjunctival Disorders

Diagnosis and management of common Corneal & Conjunctival disorders, surgical services include excision of Cysts & Tumours, BCL with glue, Amniotic membrane transplantation, Pterygium excision with Conjunctival autographed, Punctal plugin in dry eye syndrome Medical and surgical management of chemical burns

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  • Goldmann Applanation: This device is considered to be the “gold standard” for measurement of intra-ocular pressure
  • Pachymeter: Device to measure central corneal thickness which is an absolute must for determining Corrected IOP
  • Gonioscopy (Single Mirror, Two Mirror, Three Mirror Goldmann/Zeiss Four Mirror Applanation): This device is used to measure the structure of the angle of the eye necessary to categorize patients into the type of Glaucoma they have
  • Humphrey Visual Field: Device used to chart the visual field of the patient
  • AnalyserOctopus VFA/-B/Y Perimetry: Device used to chart the visual field of the patient
  • Hiedelberg Retinal Tomography: Device used to analyze the Retinal nerve fibre layer thickness
  • OCT Glaucoma Module: Device used to analyze the Retinal nerve fibre layer thickness
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Retina & Vitreoretinal

Facility for OCT and FFA for diagnosis of Retinal diseases Screening for Retinopathy of Pre Maturity with facility for LASER Diagnosis and management of medical problems of the Retina with posterior sub-tenon injection of Tricot, Intra Vitreal injections of Tricot, Avastin and Lucentis All Trans-scleral Cryotherapy of Retina as well as LASER procedures on Retina All Vitreo-Retinal surgical procedures Surgical management of Endophthalmytis is available

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Squint & Oculoplasty

Diagnosis and management of Amblyopia, medical and surgical management of all types of Squint Oculoplasty services include all surgical procedures ranging from DCR, Ectropian & Entropian Correction, Surgery for Ptosis, Excision of Lid and Orbital Tumours as well as Orbitotmy

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Anterior & Posterior Segment Trauma

24-Hour emergency services available for dealing with anterior and posterior segment trauma cases with surgical repair if required

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Low Vision Aid

Special devices used to enhance vision in patients suffering from advanced glaucoma and macular diseases Provision is there at the clinic for taking measurements of individuals so that they can get such devices with customized fittings

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Emergency trauma cases of eye are accepted. Repair of lid, corneal cuts, scleral perforation, traumatic foreign body in the anterior segment, traumatic cataracts, and traumatic glaucoma are done at the centre.

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