Empanelment and Cashless Facility

To provide quality health care to our patients, Kamal Eye Clinic is signing-up with the leading TPA (Third Party Administrator) to facilitate “cashless” treatment at our centre. Under this arrangement the patient can undergo treatment at Kamal Eye Clinic, without making any payment. All treatment expenses are taken care of by the TPA (as per the provisions in the patient’s Health Insurance Policy).

Kamal Eye Clinic is also empaneled by many government departments, public sector companies and private organisations. This allows the patient to receive quality health care at Kamal Eye Clinic, and later claim the treatment expenses from the employer. The amount paid by the patient to Kamal Eye Clinic, will be reimbursed to them by their employer, subject to submission of appropriate bills and documents with their claim.

Given below is a comprehensive list of various renowned TPAs who are our business partners. We are in the process of enlisting more TPAs with us. The list also contains the names of Organizations who reimburse treatment of their staff at Kamal Eye Clinic.

***Information to be displayed soon. Please call and check with the clinic.***